Ditch the Load is a blog about mobile photography.

My name is Debashis Talukdar. I am a 40-something year old IT professional, and amateur photographer and film maker. I was introduced to photography in 2001 and got serious about it in 2006. As my interest grew, so did my kit. Very soon, I had acquired multiple bodies, lenses and tripods. Together with my love for travel, they became a part of my life. The workflow to post process content became more complicated, and soon, the weight of this hobby began to become a burden.

In the interim, technology had moved forward, to a stage where mobile phones were capable of taking very decent images. When Apple released their iPhone X with portrait mode, I stood up and took notice. When Moment released their lenses for mobile devices, I realised how there was the potential to reduce the amount that I carried. When Insta360 released their software stabilised 360 camera, I had realised that this was a game changer, and that for a hobbyist like me, I could now downsize while still having acceptable quality of my images for a very large percentage of my use cases.

This blog is about the journey that I am on to Ditch the Load, and keep photography and film making fun.